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Halloween tricks and treats!

Foldables are counting down the days til Halloween!

We’ve made a little costume for your Foldable.Me. Download your witch’s hat and broomstick to turn them into a scary witch!

If you haven’t yet turned yourself and your friends foldable, we are giving you a Halloween treat to do so!

Use code “SPOOKABLEME" at checkout and get 10% off your next purchase!

"Bibbity Bobbity Boo" foldable people!

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Foldable.Me at #TEDxAlbertopolis

TEDxAlbertopolis was a day of inspiring and entertaining talks held in The Royal Albert Hall, London. 

Musicians, medics, entomologists, etymologists, dancers and designers came together to share their unique perspectives on a wonderfully diverse range of topics.

And guess what?! We made Foldables of all the speakers! 

imageDaniel Glaser - Host

imageAndrew Shoben - The Vanishing Music Box

imageDavid Braben - Rules Can Be Beautiful

imageDeirdre Murphy - The Industrious Boy

imageHannah Redler - We Do Not Know: University, Art and Science

imageJessica Thom - Tourette’s Syndrome: The Alchemy of Chaos

imageJohn Halpern - Dances with Words 

imageJulia Lohmann - The Power of Seaweed

imageMax Barclay - Beetles: Pinning Down the Secrets of Life

imageNicholas McCarthy - Sole Determination 

imageRoland Lamb - From the Organ to the Organic: How to be Human in a Digital World

imageRyan Francois - Planet Swing: The Real Harlem Globetrotters 

imageSally Davies - The Drugs Don’t Work 

Find out what you missed on the TEDxAlbertopolis website.

If you’re interested in making groups of Foldables for your event or have some nice photos to share email us at

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